401k Rollovers From your Former Employer to IRA Accounts

401k and IRA Rollovers

Steps for a correct 401k to IRA Rollover:

Request an IRS Compliant 401k to IRA Rollover by using this form to Contact Atlantic Financial or call 1-800-559-2900.
Atlantic Financial provides rollovers that are in compliance with all IRS Regulations.
Atlantic Financial specializes in 401k to IRA Rollovers. We have been helping people on the web since 1994.

Your former employer may have already provided you with a rollover form or they may need to be contacted, either way, the team at Atlantic Financial will work to make sure your assets are handled properly. Atlantic Financial will assist you in contacting your former employer (or former investment advisor) and help you instruct them to rollover your money into a new IRA account using a trustee to trustee transfer.

Your former 401k administrator will transfer your funds over into your new IRA account.
We will keep you apprised of the progress and inform you when the transfer is complete.
Once your funds have been credited to your new account Atlantic Financial will contact you and work with you to select investments.

Other types of Plans

Rollover IRAs | Roth IRAs | SEP IRAs | Traditional IRAs

About Trustee to Trustee Transfers

Since both 401k Plans and IRAs are considered tax qualified by the IRS, certain regulations govern them if the funds are to keep their special tax deferred status.
When you remove your funds from a 401k plan the money must be placed into an account that is also tax qualified within 60 days (see Options below) or you can lose your tax benefit and be subject to IRS penalties.
A trustee to trustee transfer is when the assets from an account are transferred directly into your IRA Rollover account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please using this form to Contact Atlantic Financial with any other questions you may have before beginning your rollover.

Can I keep the Same Investments?

Atlantic Financial offers over 18,000 mutual funds as well as stocks, bonds, CDs, managed accounts and other investments.
Our selection includes Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, MFS, Mainstay, Evergreen, ING and many other leading companies. It is very likely that the specific investments you owned in your old plan are available.
Our overall options are much wider than any corporate 401k plan and we can find investments to meet a variety of investment profiles.
Once your transfer is complete, we can review a full list of options with you and a professional advisor will help you with your selection.

Why use Atlantic Financial?

Atlantic Financial has been rolling over 401k plans into IRA accounts for over a decade and has an outstanding reputation for client service and satisfaction.
We have no ties to proprietary mutual fund or money management companies so the selection and quality of advice you receive is virtually unmatchable.

What is the cost?

The cost from Atlantic Financial is $35* per year.
This includes custody services from our clearing firm, all statements, financial advice, internet access, quarterly reviews and all other services of the firm.
Within the account your investments may have built in charges such as those present in all mutual funds, transaction such as stocks will be subject to our standard commission schedule rates.

*Subject to change.

What is the difference between a Rollover, Roth or Traditional IRA?

"Rollover IRA" is the name given to an IRA that holds money from a retirement plan like a 401k or 403(b). Money from an employer's plan must be rolled over into a Traditional IRA however, it can later be converted into a Roth IRA.

You may also wish to rollover a current retirement plan you have with a bank or investment firm into a new IRA account with different options depending on your needs, goals and financial situation.

What is your account minimum?

Atlantic Financial's services are ideally suited for investors with over $100,000 in their 401k or IRA Account. We will accept 401k Rollover accounts of $10,000 or more.
Our full range of integrated financial, estate planning and tax services can accommodate the most discriminating investors while our personalized education driven approach appeals to financial beginners as well.

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