Rollover IRA, Former Employer 401ks, and Retirement Accounts

401k and IRA Rollovers

What is a Rollover IRA?

A "Rollover IRA" is the name given to an IRA that holds money from a retirement account like 401ks or a 403b. Money from an employer's plan can be rolled over into a Traditional IRA.
In certain situations a Traditional IRA may later be converted into a Roth IRA.
If you have questions please Ask Atlantic Financial.

401ks, Rollover IRA, and Other Retirement Accounts

You may also wish to rollover a current retirement plan you have with a bank or investment firm into a new IRA account with different options depending on your needs, goals and financial situation.

Get Started with your Rollover IRA Today

If you have a retirement plan from a bank, investment firm or former employer and need to move it into a Rollover IRA account, we would be happy to assist you. Atlantic Financial's IRA accounts have the widest selection of investment options including stocks, bonds and over 18,000 mutual fund choices.

Open an IRA account and request transfer forms be mailed to you. Transfer forms will enable you to transfer retirement accounts, 401ks, and other holdings.

Once you receive the transfer forms from Atlantic Financial, sign them and return them to us with a copy of your retirement account statement from your retirement account.

After your new retirement account is opened and we have received your signed transfer form, your retirement plan will be transferred into an IRA with Atlantic Financial.

Your Atlantic Financial IRA account is now opened and your assets are transferred, you will be able to work with a Financial Advisor and choose from over 18,000 mutual funds and numerous other investment options.

If you would like assistance rolling over an existing retirement plan, opening a new IRA account or if you have any questions please call 1-800-559-2900, email us (please be sure to include your name and phone number in your email) or use this short on-line form:

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