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Letter to the Editor about Howard Dean

Is the World a Safer Place without Saddam?
Boston Herald
All Editions 18 December 2003

The danger worsens

Your editorial missed some key points ("The Bush Doctrine vs. Dr. Dean's pills," Dec. 17). The statement that the world is a better place without Saddam is irrelevant and does a disservice to the soldiers who were sent there not to capture Saddam but because President Bush told us Iraq was an imminent threat and had weapons of mass destruction. Sure, the world might be better without a lot of people but are you willing to risk life and limb or those of your children to rid the world of them? I also disagree with the premise that the "world is a safer place with Saddam behind bars." America is more hated now than perhaps ever, and Iraq has become a breeding ground of terrorist activity. Meanwhile if we are attacked again by Osama bin Laden, we can question President Bush and his choice to focus on Iraq.

- Bruce Fenton, Natick

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