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Financial Planning


Investment planning

Atlantic Financial offers a variety of services to investors.


Out main services fall under one of three categories:


Individual investment asset management and allocation:

We help individuals; trusts, families and companies manage their money and select investments which are designed to meet their financial profile, goals and objectives over a long period of time.   Typically, investors pay an annual fee to Atlantic Financial and we select investments based on several criteria and manage them on an ongoing basis.   A primary focus of our investment management services is in selecting investments which reflect the changing face of our global economy.


Corporate 401k Plans and other retirement plans / corporate investing:

We help businesses select and manage their corporate 401k or other retirement plan as well as corporate investments such as cash management. For corporate 401k plans we work with leading providers such as Fidelity Investments.   We also offer Individual 401k Plans, SEPs, Keoghs, Defined Contribution plans and assist in management of pensions and other corporate retirement vehicles.


Institutional Services:

We perform specialized services for institutional investors such as investment firms, banks and governments.   This is typically done on a flat fee basis. Services vary greatly depending on the needs of the client.





Having a long term plan that reflects your values can be profitable and serve the greater good see our section about Socially responsible investing