Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds


Atlantic Financial is not tied to any one fund company.
This enables us to provide something that many brokerage firms, banks and fund companies cannot: Objectivity.

We help investors select monitor and evaluate mutual funds. Atlantic Financial can provide selection advice, analysis, tools and financial planning for over 18,000 mutual funds including: Fidelity, Putnam, Janus, MFS, Dreyfus, Vanguard and many more.

Since our compensation comes from mutual fund companies, there is no extra charge for you to receive advice from Atlantic Financial. Alternatively, clients can use our fee based program and pay an annual fee for portfolio management.

We Can Help You Evaluate and Select Mutual Funds

Financial Plan - Provide us with information about your financial situation or copies of your statements. We will make detailed recommendations to you about your portfolio.

Broker of Record - consolidate your mutual fund holdings on one statement

Consulting and Custody Service - for investors who invest in mutual funds or are considering doing so

Wrap Account Program - load waived and no-load mutual funds with professional advice

Managed Accounts - asset management system

Fund Companies
- we offer our clients over 18,000 mutual funds

Atlantic Financial is able to offer a wide variety of funds.
We only recommend what is best for our clients. If you need help selecting a fund that meets your needs, we would be happy to assist you.

For more information or to have us answer any questions you may have, please email Atlantic Financial,
or contact us

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Mutual Funds Available to Clients of Atlantic Financial

Through Mutual Fund Center

Through various brokers, Atlantic Financial can carry out transactions, offer advice or service existing accounts for any of the mutual funds listed below ( over 18,000 mutual funds available ).


Absolute Funds
Acadian Asset Management Mutual Funds
Accessor Funds
Adams Assets Funds
Adams Harkness Funds
Adelante Funds
Advantage Funds
Advisor One Funds
AFBA 5Star Funds
AHA Funds
AIM Family of Funds
AIP Funds
Al Frank Funds
Alger Funds
Alger Institutional Funds
Allegiant Funds
Alliance Capital Advisor Funds
Alliance Capital Funds
Alliance Capital Institutional Funds
Alpha Hedge Fund
Alpine Funds
Amana Funds
American Beacon Funds
American Century Funds
American CL F Funds
American CL R Funds
American Funds
American Growth Fund
American Pension Investors Trust
American Trust Funds
AmeriPrime Funds
Ameristock Funds
AMIDEX35 Funds
Analytic Funds
appleton Funds
Aquila Group
Arbitrage Funds
Ariel Funds
Arrow Funds
Artisan Funds
Asset Management Funds
Asset Mark Funds
Aston Asset Management Funds
Atlantic Whitehall Funds
Atlas Funds
Austin Global Funds
Auxier Funds
AXA Enterprise Funds
Azzad Funds
Baird Mutual Funds
Baron Asset Funds
Barrett Funds
BB&T Funds
BBH Funds
Becker Funds
Berkshire Funds
Berwyn Funds
Biltmore Funds
Biondo Funds
Bjurman Funds
BlackRock Funds
Blue Funds
BNY Hamilton Funds
Bogle Funds
Boston Balanced Funds
Boston Partners Funds
Boyar Funds
Brandes Funds
Brandywine Funds
Brazos Funds
Bridgeway Funds
Brown Capital Management Funds
Brown IA Funds
Buffalo Funds
Burnham Funds
Calamos Funds
Caldwell & Orkin Funds
California Investment Trust Funds
Calvert Funds
Cambiar Funds
Capital Advisors Funds
Capstone Funds
Catholic Equity Fund
Causeway Capital Funds
Century Funds
Champlain Funds
Chase Growth Fund
Church Capital Funds
Citizens Funds
Claymore Funds
Clearwater Funds
Clipper Fund
CM Advisers Funds
CNI Charter Funds
Cohen & Steers Funds
Colorado Funds
Columbia Funds
Comerica Funds
Commerce Capital Funds
Commerce Funds
Commonwealth Funds
Concorde Funds
Conegstoga Funds
Constellation Funds
Core Funds
CRA Funds
Crawford Funds
Credit Suisse Funds
CRM Funds
Cullen Funds
Cutler Funds D
Davis Funds
Delafield Funds
Delaware Funds (Part 1)
Delaware Funds (Part 2)
Diamond Hill Funds
Dimensional Funds
Direxion Funds
Dodge & Cox Funds
Domini Funds
Dreman Funds
Dreyfus Funds
Driehaus Capital Management
Duncan Hurst Funds
Dupree Funds
DWS Funds
E*Trade Funds
E.I.I. Realty
Eastern Point Funds
Eaton Vance Funds
Edgewood Funds
Everest Funds
Evergreen Funds
Excelsior Funds
Fairholme Funds
FAM Funds
FBR Funds
Federated Funds
Federated Institutional Funds
Federated Offshore Funds
FEMMX Financial Funds
FFTW Funds
Fidelity Advisor Funds
Fidelity Funds
Fifth Third Funds
Financial Square Funds
First American Funds
First Eagle SoGen Funds
Firsthand Funds
FMA Funds
FMI Funds
Forester Funds
Fort Pitt Funds
Forum Funds
Forward Funds
Fountainhead Funds
FPA Funds
Frank Russell Funds
Franklin Funds
Frontegra Funds
FTI Funds
Fund*X Upgrader Funds
Gabelli Westwood Funds
Galaxy Funds
Gardner Lewis Chesapeake Funds
Gartmore Funds
Gateway Funds
GE Funds
Geronimo Funds
GJMB Funds
GKM Funds
Glenmede Funds
GMO Trust Funds
Goldman Sachs Funds
Granum Funds
Green Century Funds
Greenspring Fund
Guidestone Funds
Guinness Atkinson Funds H
Hallmark Funds
Hancock Horizon Funds
Harbor Funds
Harding Loevner Funds
Harris Insight Funds
Hartford Funds
Haverford Funds
Heartland Funds
Henderson Funds
Hennessy Funds
Henssler Funds
Heritage Funds
High Pointe Funds
Highland Funds
HighMark Funds
Hillman Funds
Hodges Funds
Hotchkis & Wiley Funds
Huntington Funds
Hussman Funds
ICM Funds
ICON Funds
IDEX Funds
Illington Funds
IMS Funds
Industry Leaders Funds
ING Funds
Integrity Funds
Intrepid Funds
Iron Market Funds
Ironwood Funds
ISI Funds
Ivy Funds
IXIS Asset Management Funds J
JP Morgan Funds (Part 1)
JP Morgan Funds (Part 2)
JP Morgan Funds (Part 3)
JP Morgan Funds (Part 4)
Jacob Internet Fund
James Advantage Funds
Janus Advisor Funds
Janus Aspen Funds
Janus Funds
Japan Fund
Japan Smaller Companies Fund
Jennison Dryden Funds (Part 1)
Jennison Dryden Funds (Part 2)
Jennison Dryden Funds (Part 3)
Jennison Dryden Funds (Part 4)
Jensen Fund
John Hancock Funds (Part 1)
John Hancock Funds (Part 2)
John Hancock Funds (Part 3)
Johnson Funds
Jordan Funds
Julius Baer Funds K
Kalmar Pooled Investment Trust
Keeley Funds
Kelmoore Funds
Kensington Funds
Keystone Funds
Kinetics Funds
Kopp Funds L
Laudus Rosenberg Funds
Lazard Funds
LEADER Mutual Funds
Legg Mason Funds (Part 1)
Legg Mason Funds (Part 2)
Legg Mason Funds (Part 3)
Legg Mason Funds (Part 4)
Leuthold Funds
LKCM Funds
Longleaf Partners Funds
Loomis Sayles Funds
Lord Abbett Funds (Part 1)
Lord Abbett Funds (Part 2)
Lou Holland Funds
LSV Funds
MainStay Funds (Part 1)
MainStay Funds (Part 2)
Mairs & Powers Funds
Managers Funds
Manning & Napier Funds
Marathon Funds
Marketocracy Funds
Markman MultiFunds
Marshall Funds
Marsico Funds
MassMutual Funds
Masters' Select Funds
Mastrapasqua Funds
Matrix Advisors Funds
Matthew 25 Fund
Matthews Asian Funds
McKee Funds
McMorgan Funds
Mellon Funds
Merger Fund
Meridian Funds
Merk Funds
Metropolitan West Funds
Metzler Payden Funds
MFS Funds (Part 1)
MFS Funds (Part 2)
MFS Funds (Part 3)
MFS Funds (Part 4)
Midanek Funds
Midas Funds
MMA Praxis Funds
Monetta Funds
Morgan Stanley Institutional Funds (Part 1)
Morgan Stanley Institutional Funds (Part 2)
Morgan Stanley Institutional Funds (Part 3)
Mosaic Funds
MTB Funds
Muhlenkamp Fund
Munder Funds Funds N
Navellier Funds
Needham Funds
Nestegg Funds
Neuberger Berman Funds
New Alternatives Funds
New Century Funds
New River
New York Equity Fund
Nicholas Applegate Funds
Nicholas Funds
North Track Funds
Northeast Investors Funds
Northern Funds
Northern Lights Funds
Numberic Funds
Nuveen Funds (Part 1)
Nuveen Funds (Part 2) O
Oak Associates Funds
Oak Value Funds
Oakmark Funds
Oberweis Funds
Ocean State Tax Exempt Fund
OCM Funds
Old Mutual Funds
Olstein Funds
Oppenheimer Funds (Part 1)
Oppenheimer Funds (Part 2)
Oppenheimer Funds (Part 3)
Oriental Financial
Osterweis Funds

Pacific Advisors Funds
Pacific Capital Funds
Pacific Life Funds
Paradigm Funds
Parnassus Funds
Pax World Funds
Perimeter Funds
Perkins Funds
Permanent Portfolio Fund
Perritt Funds
Phoenix Funds (Part 1)
Phoenix Funds (Part 2)
PIA Funds
Piedmont Funds
PIMCO Advisors Funds (Part 1)
PIMCO Advisors Funds (Part 2)
PIMCO Advisors Funds (Part 3)
PIMCO Funds (Part 1)
PIMCO Funds (Part 2)
Pioneer Investments (Part 1)
Pioneer Investments (Part 2)
Pioneer Investments (Part 3)
PMFM Investment Trust Funds
Polaris Global Funds
Popular Funds
Presidio Funds
PrimeCap Odyssey Funds
Principal Funds
Professionally Managed Portfolios
Profit Funds
ProFunds (Part 1)
ProFunds (Part 2)
Provident Investment Counsel
Prudent Bear Funds
Putnam Funds (Part 1)
Putnam Funds (Part 2)
Putnam Funds (Part 3)
Putnam Funds (Part 4)

QCM Funds
Quaker Funds
Quant Funds
Queens Road Funds

Rainier Investment Funds
Ralph Parks Funds
Reich & Tang Group
Renaissance Funds
Reserve Funds
Reynolds Funds
Rice Hall James Funds
Riversource Funds (Part 1)
Riversource Funds (Part 2)
Rochdale Investment Trust
Rock Canyon Funds
Rockland Small Cap Growth Fund
Roxbury Funds
Royce Funds
RS Investments
Rydex Funds (Part 1)
Rydex Funds (Part 2)
Rydex Funds (Part 3)
Rydex Funds (Part 4)

Sanford Bernstein Funds
Santa Barbara Group
Saratoga Advantage Trust
Satuit Capital Funds
Schroder Funds
Schwab Funds
Schwartz Funds
Security Funds
SEI Funds
Selected Funds
Seligman Group (Part 1)
Seligman Group (Part 2)
Seligman Group (Part 3)
Sentinel Funds
Sextant Funds
Shepherd Funds
SIT Group
Skyline Funds
Sound Mind Funds
Sound Shore Funds
Sparrow Funds
Sparx Funds
SSgA Funds
Stephens Funds
Sterling Partners Funds
Steward Funds
STI Classic Funds (Part 1)
STI Classic Funds (Part 2)
Stock Dividend Fund
Stockcar Funds
Stonebridge Funds
Stoneridge Funds
Stratton Funds
Summit Funds
SunAmerica Funds (Part 1)
SunAmerica Funds (Part 2)
Sycuan Funds
Synovus Funds

T. Rowe Price Funds (Part 1)
T. Rowe Price Funds (Part 2)
Tamarack Funds
TCM Funds
TCW Galileo Funds
Texas Capital Funds
TFS Capital Investments
Third Avenue Funds
Thomas White Funds
Thompson Plumb Funds
Thornburg Funds
Tilson Funds
Timothy Plan Funds
Tocqueville Trust
Torray Funds
Touchstone Family of Funds
TransAmerica Premier Funds
Trendstar Funds
Turnaround Funds
Turner Funds
Tweedy Browne Funds

U.S. Global Investors
UBS Funds
UMB Scout Funds
Utopia Funds V
Value Line Mutual Funds
Van Eck Global Funds
Van Kampen Funds (Part 1)
Van Kampen Funds (Part 2)
Van Wagoner Funds
Vanguard Group (Part 1)
Vanguard Group (Part 2)
Veracity Funds
Victory Funds
Villere Funds
Vintage Funds

W & R Funds
Wasatch Funds
Weiss Funds
Weitz Funds
Wells Fargo Funds (Part 1)
Wells Fargo Funds (Part 2)
Wells Fargo Funds (Part 3)
Wells Fargo Funds (Part 4)
Wells Fargo Funds (Part 5)
Wells Fargo Stable Value
Wells Real Estate Funds
Westcore Funds
Western Asset Funds
Westport Funds
WH Reaves Funds
WHG Funds
William Blair Funds
Williamsburg Funds
Wilmington Funds
Wilshire Target Funds
Winslow Fund
Wintergreen Funds
Wireless Fund
Wisdom Fund
WM Funds (Part 1)
WM Funds (Part 2)
World Funds
Wright Funds


Yacktman Fund
Yield Quest Funds


1st Source Funds

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