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Atlantic Financial strives to provide access to markets, investment and wealth management strategies that reflect the changing face of our global economy. Our clients include institutional investors, family offices, financial advisors, banks, corporations and high net worth individuals from around the world.

What we do:
Atlantic Financial helps individuals, families, corporations and governments invest and protect their assets based on their goals and on the changes in the world economy.

Examples of who we serve:
- Individuals & families who need asset management and investment advice and execution.
- Governments & Sovereign Wealth Funds who need investment execution and targeted economic advice and introductions
- Investment firms, professionals, banks & funds who need execution and specialized services
- Corporations who invest or need assistance with corporate pension and 401k plans and individual investors

Expertise and Objectivity

Because Atlantic Financial has no management ties to specific money managers or mutual fund companies, we are able to remain objective in our recommendations.
For corporate retirement plans, Atlantic Financial serves as an additional buffer between plan trustees and their mutual fund or money management company. This serves to provide companies with a place to turn regarding problems that may arise. This also can assist the plan with compliance with legal issues such as the investment aspects of the ERISA laws. Atlantic Financials clients can access money management firms and mutual fund companies which include nearly all of the nation's leading firms.

bruce fentonBruce Fenton is the founder of Atlantic Financial and is a leading economic strategist and advisor with a focus on emerging markets and the changing global economy.  Bruce is a specialist in emerging technology such as digital currency and emerging markets such as the Middle East North Africa region and he lives outside the US about half of each year.

Bruce advises US and global investment clients and also provides consulting and project based services to banks, financial organizations, charitable organizations and families in the US, Middle East and globally. He has worked with Gulf government agencies, a major leading US based private equity and investment firm, one of the world's largest global charities and several other families and foundations.  Bruce has placed over $5 billion in investment capital with money managers and funds during his career.

Our Investing Affiliates

Atlantic Financial clients are able to invest with several mutual fund companies, money management firms and trust companies, giving you an extremely large selection of investment options.

Included in our list of mutual fund offerings are some of the following companies:
American Century
Davis Funds
Delaware Group
Eaton Vance Enterprise
Fidelity Advisor
Gabelli Westwood
John Hancock
Lord Abbett
Neuberger and Berman
Nicholas Applegate
One Group
T. Rowe Price
Twentieth Century
Van Eck
Van Kampen
Warburg Pincus Funds

..and many other
Mutual Funds Additional Products

Stocks (all exchanges)
Bonds (corporate, government)
Limited Partnerships
Money Market Accounts

For more information or to have us answer any questions you may have, please email Atlantic Financial, or contact us

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Understanding the Changing Face of Our Global Economy

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Emerging Markets / Institutional Services for US based investors
We work with institutional investors such as fund of funds, banks, endowments, asset management groups and family offices - our focus is on the Middle East economy specifically The United Arab Emirates (including Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.

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Who We Are

Atlantic Financial, Founded 1994, Atlantic Financial is headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts. Our clients include corporations , institutional investors and individuals throughout America and the world. Atlantic Financial strives to provide efficient and cost effective service.

We help individual, government and corporate investors with financial planning, mutual funds, 401k plans, IRAs, rollovers, stocks, bonds, CDs, portfolios and more. We offer advice, consulting and financial research.