Socially Conscious / Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing


Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing, also called Socially Conscious Investing, is the process of only investing in companies that meet the investor's standards of ethics and operational habits.

Usually socially conscious investors invest in companies that are environment friendly and not involved in businesses that are perceived to harm the general population such as many fuel companies, casinos, alcohol and tobacco. Atlantic Financial has a firm commitment to charities and social causes. A portion of our profits from every transaction goes to charitable causes. We encourage clients to help the greater good with their investment dollars with socially responsible investments.

How It Helps

When you invest in socially conscious investments you are helping social causes in two important ways: First, you are assisting socially conscious companies by investing in them and secondly you are sending a message to other companies that socially responsible investing pays off.

Financial Reward

Socially Conscious Investing is not all charity, it can and should be profitable as well. Surprising to many Wall Street watchers, who used to believe that socially responsible investing was a fad or a foolish proposition, social funds have done quite well in recent years. As of April 1, 2000 The Calvert Social Investment Equity Fund had an average three year return of 22.16%, proving that responsible investing can pay off in more ways than saving the world.

How to Invest Responsibly

There are several ways to invest socially responsibly. Most notably, some mutual fund companies specialize in socially conscious investing. Several money management firms also specialize in socially conscious investing. Another way to invest is to actually buy the stocks of socially conscious companies.

Atlantic Financial can help you find the right socially responsible investment for your needs.

Corporations and institutional investors can integrate socially responsible investment strategy into thier overall planning with our Consulting Services

Individuals with a 401k or IRA who wish to invest socially responsibly can use Atlantic Financial for thier IRA Rollovers