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Bruce Fenton, Founder and President of Atlantic Financial describes The Fenton Report:

"The Fenton Report is not just about making investment decisions, its a more holistic approach to living and enjoying wealth and doing something with it that benefits mankind and the future of our earth.
I saw a demand for this among my friends, my clients and even myself: a desire to not only live comfortably and to preserve assets but to live life fully and serve the greater good.
That is what The Fenton Report is about and for the right person it is a valuable resource."

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China and America's Future

Recently I had the pleasure of attending this years Committee of 100 Annual Conference at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan. The Committee of 100 is a group of Chinese-American business and social leaders whose impressive membership list includes: Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and YouTube co-founder Steve Chen...Read: http://www.fentonreport.com/2007/05/17/economy/fenton-gets-rogers-latest-view-on-china-the-mid-east-and-the-us-economic-meltdown/980 Committee of 100 Article

Dubai: The Biggest Story in the World

Dubai City is located in the Emirate of Dubai, within The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a wealthy oil producing nation bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman with excellent relations with the west. The mega wired city is the planet's biggest construction site, yielding the world's largest per capita concentration of cranes and Caterpillar's biggest customer. Its landmarks include the Burj Al Arab, the...Read: Dubai Article

Jim Rogers on Globalization

Like many things to do with global change, my conversation with legendary investor, adventurer and traveler JimJim Rogers Investor Article Rogers may be scary to most Americans. This fear is exactly the kind of thing Mr. Rogers sees as potentially harmful to the US. His thoughts make one wonder if the US is like the General who asks where his troops are so he can go lead them. As striking as...Read: http://www.fentonreport.com/2007/05/17/economy/fenton-gets-rogers-latest-view-on-china-the-mid-east-and-the-us-economic-meltdown/980Jim Rogers Article
Watch: Jim Rogers Video

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